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Please CLICK HERE for information about COVID-19 Safe Play Plan

Getting the ball rolling again is important...
but not as important as the safety of our players and their families.

Following the new youth sports guidelines provided by the  CDC , Castle Pines Athletics will implement the following "Safe Play Plan" which includes program modifications to promote social distancing, provide frequent sanitation of equipment, and more.

These extra safety precautions are necessary to keep our families safe from COVID-19. Let's all do our part to keep our children safe on the fields.

We appreciate your cooperation with the following guidelines:

safe play plan

  1. Please check your child's temperature before coming to the field. If your player has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, please STAY HOME. This is a rec program. It is ok to miss a practice or game.
  2. All players and coaches will need to wear a mask (face covering) at all practices and games.
  3. To limit the number of spectators at the venue, we are asking only ONE parent/guardian per family be in attendance. No other family members or children are allowed at the field. This includes siblings, step-siblings, cousins or grandparents. If a child is not playing in our program they are safer at home
  4. Additional footballs, soccer balls, and baseballs will be used throughout games and disinfected frequently.
  5. Gloves for flag football are highly recommended. Gloves can be football/sports gloves or nitrile medical gloves.
  6. Please bring hand sanitizer and wipes for your player, as we have limited access to these items.
  7. Playground facilites are still closed. Please observe the rules.
  8. Please talk with your child about following important social distancing guidelines:
                     - No high fives, fist bumps, hugs, hand shakes, or intentional physical contact 
                     - No sideline benches will be used this season
                     - Parent tunnels will be replaced with socially distanced clapping lines
                     - Sideline spectators should remain 6 feet apart from others
                     - No team snacks or drinks are allowed this season
                     - Players should socially distance during team huddles to avoid contact 

Our sports may look very different this season, but our goal is to
keep your player safe. Please join us in doing your part.
We look forward to seeing you back on the fields again very soon!